Queue was built to do one thing: help reps phone better.

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Queue is the next step in the Vector Sales Representative experience. Paper and pen is too messy and spreadsheets are too slow. 

Queue is lightweight enough to be easy to use, and it's powerful enough to serve even (and especially) the most seasoned Vector Veterans.

Queue Sales Team

Queue Sales Team is Queue's Companion Mobile App for Vector Marketing/Cutco Managers.

Queue Sales Team is the next step in the Vector Manager experience. It's well on its way to sweeping across the Cutco Nation, and your office could be next.

Queue Sales Team leverages data generated by your Sales Representatives in Queue to give you insights that you simply can't get with other software.

Joseph Jordan

Queue's Mobile App is maintained by Joseph Jordan, a Cutco Sales Rep, Vector Manager, and Engineer.

Joe is Queue's founder and developer. He is constantly working to add features to improve your sales experience. 

Pursuing a dual-degree at the University of Pennsylvania, Joe is a Cutco Sales Representative, Vector Manager, and Software Engineer.