Conquer Phone Jams.

Conquer Phone Jams.

Conquer Phone Jams.Conquer Phone Jams.Conquer Phone Jams.

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Queue up calls, just like music.

Lightweight enough to learn in training, 

Powerful enough to serve Vector Veterans.


Queue contacts like music

Make calls like you playlists. By queuing contacts before phoning, you can make more calls, in less time, without the anxiety of deciding who to call next.

Schedule Demos and Callbacks

Need to call a customer back? Just booked a demo? Schedule your callbacks and demos right inside the app after the call, and Queue will create calendar events for you.

Save events to your calendar

Queue syncs your scheduled calbacks and demos right to your calendar of choice (Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and more)

Get caller ID with Contact Sync

Ever had a random customer call you back with no caller ID? Because Queue syncs your leads to your phone, you'll always get caller ID, and you'll never sift through rec sheets again.

Create tags, take notes, & more

Separate customers by location, take notes on conversations, create wishlists, and create whatever custom tags you need.

Save the result of EVERY call

Queue saves the result of every call, so you always know where you stand with a customer.

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